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Compare Energy Providers And Gas Savings Online

Finding the best options for energy suppliers can be a significant challenge for residents and small businesses. We can help you compare energy providers and gas savings. Our experts can answer your questions on natural gas, help you better understand your current energy bill, and inform you about your options for energy suppliers in your area.

We provide information to residential and commercial clients in Maryland, Connecticut, Ohio, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Washington, D.C., and Illinois. With so many energy companies in the region, being able to make a comparison between them and their rates can result in savings of time and money. We are focused on helping our customers find the absolute best deals.

We have created a one-stop shopping experience that can take the stress out of energy shopping. By simply entering information from your current utility bill, you can receive a list of alternative suppliers, their rates, and other details. We also offer a specialized concierge service called Snap n' Save. By taking a photo of your bill and sending it to us, our specialists will do the research for you and send you the results.

At Point Click Switch, we understand how important gas savings can be for families and commercial operations. From our Baltimore, MD headquarters, our Snap 'n Save technology makes comparison shopping easier than ever before. Use our online service or call us and discover the difference that we can make by helping you compare energy providers.