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Rely On Our Gas Company in Baltimore

At Point Click Switch, we are your one-stop shop to compare energy providers for residential and commercial customers in the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C areas! Since 2010, we have been providing an easy and fast way to shop for energy savings. Gone are the days of having to call every provider and gas company in your area. Here, it's as easy as point, click, and switch.

Our online energy comparisons are fast and easy to understand. Simply select your state, whether you are searching for your home or business, and your current energy provider. Then, you are automatically shown energy providers in your area, their rates, and the amount of savings you will receive from switching to a new provider. Want to save even more time? Point Click Switch has a concierge service for that purpose. Send us a photo of your current energy bill via your smartphone, and we can do the research for you based on your current rate. We give all of this to you for free! We want consumers to feel they can find the best savings possible through Point Click Switch.

Point Click Switch wants to be your energy advisors, helping you every step along the way to savings. With that in mind, not only do we want to provide you with the easiest way possible to compare energy provider rates, but we also have a list of resources to help you make the most of your new savings. Our resources include helpful tips on how to continue receiving low monthly energy bills, as well as a number of useful websites that feature energy choices and savings.

Finding the right electric and gas company to work with and saving on your next energy bill could not be easier! Rely on Point Click Switch in Baltimore and start your search to compare energy providers today!

We give you the option to compare electricity rates, as well as gas rates in Maryland, DC, and Illinois. See how!