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Letter of Authorization

In connection with my/our agreement with Fuel Fund of Maryland, Inc. (“FFM”), I/We agree and authorize Maryland Energy Advisors, LLC (“MDEA”) to access my/our customer information and account data, limited to names, addresses, account numbers and monthly electricity usage (“Customer Information”), in order to enroll in the Fuel Fund Preferred Rate Energy Program (“Program”) and optimize our energy services at competitive market rates.

I/We further authorize the Fuel Fund and MDEA to access my/our Customer Information for the full term of our agreement with the Fuel Fund and make any and all changes as may be necessary to achieve so as to maximize the utility services provided to me/us at the best possible competitive rate for my/our usage. I/We understand that by participating in the Program my account will be actively managed by MDEA. Actions that may automatically taken by MDEA include but are not limited to:

  • Returning my/our account to the utility Standard Offer of Service (“SOS”), without the application of any cancellation fee, so that I/we will always be saving at least 5% in comparison with the SOS offered by my utility company.
  • Switching my/our account from a supplier to another one or denying the automatic renewal of my contract with participating supplier should the new offer not be competitive, as described by either not delivering at least 5% of energy savings in comparison with my utility SOS or providing less energy savings that will be offered by the Program at the time of renewal.

I/We understand that the Fuel Fund and MDEA makes no representations or warranties as to the availability of any market rates or services. I/We hereby agree to indemnify and hold the Fuel Fund and MDEA harmless from any and all claims or damages, including attorneys’ fees, and including claims of third parties arising out of or in connection with the services rendered by the Fuel Fund and MDEA.

I/We understand that if I participate in the program, my/our utility company will provide FFM and MDEA with energy usage for the 24 months before and after the date I enroll in the Program for the sole purpose of evaluating the Program.

I/We understand that the Fuel Fund and MDEA will keep all my/our Customer Information confidential and may only use and disclose such Customer Information to the Fuel Fund or to any of MDEA’s agents, employees, representatives or affiliates as may necessary to conduct, evaluate and report on the ProgramI/We understand that MDEA and participating suppliers in the Program are strictly prohibited from using my/our Customer Information for the purpose of advertising or marketing additional and-or alternative offers or products. I/We also understand our Customer Information will be discarded by MDEA and participating suppliers should we decide to start our participation in the project.

I/We understand the Program is governed by a Memorandum of Understanding signed between FFM, MDEA and participating suppliers. I/We may request a copy at any time by contacting FFM at [email protected]

I/We understand that should the Memorandum of Understanding between MDEA and FFM be cancelled my account will be returned to the utility at the end of my contract with the participating energy supplier.