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How To Read Your BGE Energy Bill

BGE recently celebrated its 200 year anniversary as as the first gas utility in the United States. Headquartered in Baltimore, BGE is a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation and is committed to supplying its customers with safe and reliable energy. BGE was named EPA ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year for Energy Efficiency Program Delivery, three years in a row; received an AESP Energy Award for outstanding achievement in Pricing & Demand Response for BGE Smart Energy Rewards; secured Industry Excellence Awards for Rates & Regulations category, Distribution category, Real Estate and Right-of-way category, and Safety category from the Southeastern Electric Exchange (SEE) and was awarded the Emergency Recovery Award for Winter Storms, Hurricane Irene, June Derecho and Hurricane Sandy and Emergency Assistance Award for Hurricane Sandy from the Edison Electric Institute (EEI). Click here to learn more about switching utilities in Maryland.

Based on customer feedback, BGE recently redesigned its energy bill to be easier to read. For a better understanding of how to read your BGE bill, watch the video or read the transcript below.

How to Read Your Energy Bill
We've made the BGE bill more colorful and easier to find. Monthly charges appear in two ways; as colorful graphics and a traditional bill summary.


We’ve organized things. Made them more colorful and easier to find. Your BGE bill has a new look, based on feedback from customers like you. Let’s take a look around. Monthly charges appear in two ways. As colorful graphics, and a traditional bill summary. A green circle is for electric charges. A blue circle shown natural gas charges. Supply charges appear in a lighter tint than delivery changes. And if you purchase your energy from a company other than BGE, the supplier and choice ID appear there too. The bill summary lists previous balance and recent payments. Your total amount and due date appear in a green bar here and on the tear-off. Have questions about your bill? Contact information is right up top. Want more detail? It’s all there on the back, including meter readings, total energy used and usage comparisons with previous months. You can find payment options on the back of the tear-off. BGE’s SmartEnergy news is now part of your bill, and includes helpful energy savings tips and updates. Organized. Easy. Colorful. That’s your BGE bill, and that’s smart energy. For more information, visit

If you have further questions about your BGE bill, and would like to speak with BGE customer service, call (800) 685-0123 M-F 7am-7pm or contact BGE online.

To find out if you’re currently getting the lowest energy rate or greenest energy rate, use the below energy comparison tool to compare utility rates.

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