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  • 90 Day Risk-Free Guarantee


What is the Preferred Rate Program?

The Fuel Fund Preferred Rate Program is an initiative to increase the monthly savings of Fuel Fund participants, donors and affiliates. The program offers electricity rates with competitive suppliers that beat the utility’s default rate by at least 5%. Enrollees in the program will have their contracts monitored and automatically enrolled in a new electricity rate when their existing contract ends.

The program currently focuses on the BGE service area. If you live outside of the BGE service area, please visit for rates in your utility area. Participation in this program is voluntary and at no cost to the enrollee. Enrollees may opt out of the program at anytime by emailing [email protected] or calling 888.826.1316.

How does the Preferred Rate Program work?

The Preferred Rate program is administered by the Fuel Fund’s partner, PointClickSwitch. PointClickSwitch researches the rates available in the market, evaluating them not only by price, but term, early termination fee and terms and conditions. They only work with fixed rate plans. They will offer the lowest rate they find to participants in the Preferred Rate program and continue to roll participant’s accounts over into the lowest rate they find as long as it is at least 5% savings off of utility’s rate. If the lowest rate they find is less than 5% savings off the utility’s, they will return the account to utility’s default pricing when possible.

Why do I only see one or two plans?

The Preferred Rate program focuses on just the lowest rates that PointClickSwitch, the program’s administrator finds. This means that only one or two plans will show up here for participants to choose. If you are interested in seeing more rates, visit

What happens when my contract ends?

The Preferred Rate program focuses on not just getting you a low rate, but also protecting those savings at the end of your contract. When your contract is about to end, we will send you a notification reminding you that the program will go out, find you another great rate and if possible automatically switch you to that rate. If the program cannot switch you, we will send you instructions on how to get the rate. Your existing supplier may send you letters and notices about their renewal offers, but the program will select the best available plan for you whether it is with your existing supplier or with another supplier.