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3 Reasons Why Last Month’s BGE Electric Bill Was So High

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3 Reasons Why Last Month’s BGE Electric Bill Was So High

Lately, we have been receiving many phone calls and emails from our customers asking “Why was my last electric bill from BGE so high?

Here are 3 Reasons why last month’s BGE electric bill was higher than normal:

1.       You used more electricity. The largest driver of electricity consumption in the summer is air conditioning.

2.       The weather was hot! August had 14 days that reached 90 degrees and above.  Another six days temperatures topped out at 89 degrees.

3.       You were paying the default utility (BGE) rate for electricity at 9.53 cents per kWh or you chose a 3rd party supplier but have not checked to see if you were still getting the most competitive rate. The more electricity you use + the rate you pay per kWh = Bill Amount.

Keep in mind your utility bill is a series of calculations based on the amount of electricity (kWh) and natural gas (therms) used. To understand how your monthly bill is calculated Click Here.

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