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Energy Saving Tips To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Young child with watermelon staying cool in front of a home fan. Circulating the air throughout your home is one way to save energy while keeping your house cool during the summer.

Energy Saving Tips To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

As you celebrate the summer season by spending extra time with friends, family and the kids, you may notice that this flood of extra visitors and warmer temperatures can cause a surge in your utility bills. At PointClickSwitch, we’re constantly looking for ways to help you save on energy. Check out our top energy saving tips for summer – designed to help you stay cool!

Close Blinds During The Day

Sunshine can brighten a room and lift your mood, but summer sunlight is extra intense and come with unwanted heat. Sunlight and heat that enter through windows will have no way to escape, so during hotter months keep blinds or shades closed throughout the day or at least during the middle of the day when sunlight is the strongest. Closing blinds or shades in the middle of the day can actually lower the temperature of your home by up to 20 degrees.

Circulate The Air

To cut down on air conditioner use, consider installing ceiling fans or adding a table top fan to each room. If you place a large bowl of ice in front of a table top fan you’ll be able to circulate cool air throughout the room. If you have ceiling fans, consider running them in reverse to push the air down (usually this is counterclockwise or “summer mode”) and create a pleasant wind chill breeze throughout the room.

Skip Cooking In The Oven Or On The Stovetop

Instead of heating up your kitchen with the stove or oven, opt for meals that can be enjoyed chilled or prepare dinner in the microwave or on an outdoor grill. Cooking on an outdoor BBQ is one of our favorite options since it usually means there are fewer pans to wash and dry, and it’s also a fun way to gather friends and family together.

Give Your Air Conditioner Some TLC

Give your air conditioner a little attention to be sure it’s running as efficiently as possible. Change the a/c filter every 4-6 weeks, especially during frequent use. An annual check-up is useful for identifying and addressing any mechanical issues early on. For greater energy savings, consider installing a programmable thermostat to help optimize energy use during the hours that you’re actually at home.

Run Appliances At Night

Many household appliances generate a surprising amount of heat. If possible, try to run appliances such as the dishwasher or clothes dryer at night when your house is naturally cooler. And of course, scheduling regular maintenance check-ups for your appliances will help ensure they are running as efficiently as possible.

Keep Yourself Cool

In addition to your home, look for ways to keep your body cool. At night, skip the flannel sheets and fleece blankets and opt simple cotton sheets. During the day, opt for loose clothing in breathable fabric, stay well hydrated and on especially warm days consider using a cool neck wrap.

Enjoy all of the fun that summer has to offer. Staying cool doesn’t need to break the bank. Check out our blog for year-round energy saving tips, and also learn about other ways that PointClickSwitch can help you save on your utility bills.



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