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8 Tips To Save On Energy This Spring

White icon of a home superimposed over a grassy park with large leafy trees on a sunny day, representing spring savings on energy.

8 Tips To Save On Energy This Spring

The annual “spring thaw” ushers in warmer days, blooming flowers, budding leaves and also thoughts of spring cleaning. As you declutter, organize and tidy up your home and your finances, take the opportunity to get a closer look at your energy costs and determine if there are ways to consume less energy and/or cut costs.

Spring Energy Savings Checklist

Below are some tips to help you conserve, make smart choices and save on energy this spring.

Keep reading for details on how to maximize your savings with these items:

  1. Open blinds and windows on warm sunny days.
  2. Cook outdoors.
  3. Exercise outdoors.
  4. Service your A/C.
  5. Unplug any infrequently used appliances.
  6. Tune-up your water heater.
  7. Compare energy rates.

Let The Sunshine In

It’s amazing how quickly we can shift from complaining about the cold, to complaining about the heat! But before you turn on your air conditioner, open the windows and let in some fresh air. Fresh air costs nothing, and with the added sunlight you may be able to also turn off the overhead lights. If you’re still warm, try switching on ceiling fans to circulate the air. Ceiling fans consume less energy than air conditioning.

Cook Outdoors

There are lots of benefits to cooking dinner on the grill. In addition to a delicious meal, you’ll keep the heat and mess out of your kitchen and will also save on energy compared to turning on your stove or oven.

Take Your Workout Outside

If you workout on a home treadmill or regularly stream exercise classes over an electric device, you’ll conserve energy by switching up your routine to an outdoor walk, jog or bike ride. Grab a friend and enjoy the fresh spring air.

Service Your A/C

In addition to being a respite from winter, spring is also a reminder that summer is right around the corner. Take the opportunity to have your air-conditioner serviced and to replace the a/c filter. These are both low-cost tasks that can help the system run more efficiently. The Department of Energy also recommends having the evaporator coil cleaned annually.

If You’re Not Using It, Lose It

As part of your spring refresh, do a walk through of your home to get an idea of where you are consuming energy. Unplug any unused or infrequently used appliances, and switch traditional bulbs to LED wherever possible. These details may seem small, but if addressed all together, the energy savings can really add up.

Tune-Up Your Water Heater

Making sure your water heater is cleaned and working efficiently can also help reduce your energy consumption. By simply turning your water heater temperature down a few degrees, you’ll conserve energy. Also, consider installing a low-flow shower head to save even more money in the long run.

Evaluate Your Energy Provider

In the cluttered world of multiple utilities and energy contracts, it can be easy to miss that you’re paying more than necessary for electricity or gas. Switching energy providers can help you unlock hidden savings that you might otherwise miss. PointClickSwitch makes it easy for you to find the best available energy rate. Learn more about how we can help you save on your energy bill today.

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