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Baltimore Gas and Electric’s New Bill Makes It Easy to Save On Electricity and Gas

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Baltimore Gas and Electric’s New Bill Makes It Easy to Save On Electricity and Gas

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) customers may be in for a surprise when they check their mailboxes this week. BGE has recently made some big changes to help customers understand and interpret their energy bills and ultimately save on electricity and gas.

The new bill is written clearly and uses plain language—relying heavily on graphics, charts and graphs to convey some pretty complex information. Customers may notice that the look and feel of the new bill has completely changed. On BGE’s website they state that the new bill is now “organized, colorful and easy.”

When you receive your new BGE energy bill this week you can expect to see:

  • Color coded graphs of your current charges for the month including taxes and fees,
  • Current electric/and or gas usage for each month going back 12 months so you can compare your current and past usage, and get a better understanding of how you use and how you can conserve energy, and
  • Concise descriptions of each item of each item on your bill to help you understand what fees you are paying for.

The redesign comes at a time when customers continue to express concern over how to read their energy bill. Understanding these challenges with our customers, on our website we show customers how to read their bill their bill and and save on electricity and gas.

In fact, in a 2012 study by RTI International, 79 percent of Americans said that energy was a topic that “people like me” could understand. However, when asked to complete three bill interpretation tasks, only 27 percent of participants completed all three tasks correctly. The study results suggest that many people are not informed about energy use and consumption and may even have a difficult time understanding their energy bills.

BGE has mentioned that the redesign is in response to customer feedback. Customers expressed that they wanted to better understand their energy use and how they were being charged. You may recall that BGE’s previous bill was very text and numbers heavy.

More information, including a fact sheet in English and Spanish, and an overview video of the new bill is available on’s website.

We think the updates BGE has made will help you to save and better understand charges listed on your bill and ultimately save on electricity and gas. Tell us what you think in the comments. Remember, if you need help saving on your energy bill we can assist – it’s as simple as Snap and Save!



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