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PointClickSwitch Featured In Baltimore Fishbowl

PointClickSwitch was featured in a Baltimore Fishbowl article offering tips to help Maryland consumers make smart energy choices.

PointClickSwitch Featured In Baltimore Fishbowl

PointClickSwitch was recently featured in a Baltimore Fishbowl article that offered a guide for Maryland consumers to make smart electricity choices. The article acknowledges that Maryland’s deregulated energy marketplace can often be confusing to navigate, and provides information aimed at helping consumers make the best decisions possible about their electricity providers.

A related article published last fall in Baltimore Fishbowl pointed out that from 2012 to 2016 consumers spent in excess of $200 million more on electricity in the deregulated marketplace than if they had not switched providers at all. By passing the Electricity Customer Choice and Competition Act of 1999, lawmakers hoped that consumer prices would drop due to increased competition, but this was not the case. In one documented case, a consumer overpaid on his energy costs by more than $4,000 over two years.

Phil Croskey, CEO of PointClickSwitch, advises readers to avoid the “set it and forget it” mentality. Croskey emphasizes that when consumers switch suppliers, they are entering a formal contract complete with rules, terms and conditions, and that one of the most common terms includes high fees for early termination. There may be other unusual items too, like variable rates, short-term rates and even “rewards” for signing up. It’s important for consumers to fully understand the type of contract they are entering into, and to be ready to renegotiate the contract when it expires.

Consumers can often find a better electricity rate by visiting PointClickSwitch to use the fee compare rate feature or to speak directly with an independent energy advisor. Kerrie Carden, VP, Sales and Operations at PointClickSwitch, recommends that consumers set an automatic reminder 45 days prior to their contract expiration and reach out a second time in an effort to negotiate the very best contracted rate. PointClickSwitch offers a free tool called Contract Watcher which monitors enrolled consumer accounts and sends automated reminders about renewal dates and favorable pricing plan options.

Read the full Baltimore Fishbowl article here.

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