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Learn About Energy Distribution in Baltimore

Understand Energy Choices

The government has decided that prices of energy have not been negotiable, which removes the competition aspect of the business. To add the competition back to the field and lower energy bills, they have allowed something called energy deregulation. This deregulation resulted in more choices when it comes to energy supply. Maryland and Washington, DC residents now have the choice of where our energy comes from. This energy choice gives you control over your electrical supply, which turns into you saving hundreds on your bill. We’ll help you make that choice by comparing your options. Read on to learn about your energy supply and energy distribution. Baltimore residents and those in surrounding areas can use the following information to make an informed decision to switch.

Your Electric Bill has Two Parts:


You can choose your supply! Supply basically means where your electricity comes from and how it is generated. Your supplier is the source of the electricity. It comes from the supplier, and moves to the distributor. The supplier’s price is what really matters when you are looking at your bill.


You cannot choose your energy distribution. Maryland companies maintain the poles and wires to your home. This means that your bill will still be under your utility company’s name, but the price you pay per kilowatt hour is based on your supplier’s rate.


Why Switch?

Why switch? You’ll be saving tons on your energy bill. Point Click Switch wants you to take advantage of the choices you have to put money back into your pocket. Also, you can choose a company that provides green energy. As of 2013, Americans waste 61-86% of their energy every year. Choosing a supplier that doesn’t waste is important to saving the environment you live in. Point Click Switch offers a free service to give you the best comparisons to save you money and to stop you from wasting energy.To understand more about the difference between energy supply and energy distribution, Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. residents and business owners are welcomed to look at the resources provided by our company. Discover the difference now, and then use our online energy comparison to make a switch in order to stop wasting energy!


“ is a wonderful website. I saved over $200 last year in utility cost and saved time in shopping for electricity suppliers.”

— Bill B., Hanover, MD


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