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Compare Energy Providers In Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, DC

Since 2010, Point Click Switch has been comparing energy providers online to help consumers avoid the confusing process of cutting down on their energy bill. Now, Point Click Switch wants to help you compare energy providers. Baltimore residents, as well as those across Maryland and Washington, D.C., now have the option to choose which gas or electric provider’s rates work best for their home or business. Point Click Switch is your one-stop shop to find the best deals.

It’s never been easier to compare energy providers! Maryland and Washington, D.C. residents just have to point, click, and switch! No more having to call every provider. You can do it all online with Point Click We offer an online comparison of a wide range of companies to provide all the options. Simply select your state, choose for home or business, and select your current provider. We will then generate a list of providers in your area, their rates, and the amounts of savings you will have when you switch.

We have even created a concierge service to make the process even smoother. Instead of you doing all the research, we do it for you! Snap a photo with your smartphone and send it to us. Then, go on our website and fill out a short form so we can contact you when your comparison is ready. From there, we can provide you a list of the best deals based specifically on your bill amount. It’s really that simple. To compare energy providers, Baltimore residents and the surrounding areas should simply point, click, and switch!